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Why Off-The-Rack Wedding Gowns

by Cindy Lopez

Most  bridal salons may measure and then those measurements are generally slotted into the designer's size chart with very little attention to custom designing.  That is why Rella by Cindy, LLC offers Off-the-Rack bridal selections because we encourage our customers to have their gowns personally tailored whenever possible for a custom fit.  You have the gown immediately to make those decisions without relying on a sales persons measurements to a standard sizing chart.  At Rella by Cindy, LLC a gown isn't complete until it's filled out by a lovely human body and we understand that silhouette plays a huge role in fit too.  However, lovely bodies come in an astounding array of shapes and proportions. While some may be fortunate to have that perfect fit right off the rack; we encourage our customers to have their items personally tailored whenever possible.   Please keep this possibility in mind when making your Rella by Cindy, LLC selections.  Remember things can usually be taken in, but they can't always be let out.  If available by our dress makers some custom orders may be an option from our Off-the-Rack selections.  The beauty of Off-the-Rack is that you will have your gown immediately and can make an informed decision on your personal alterations for a custom fit without waiting and hoping for the "perfect" fit.  At Rella by Cindy, LLC We Want Nothing But The Best For You!

Make-up & Custom Blend Foundations 

MOTIVES by Loren Ridinger

Have you searched for that perfect foundation only to be met with dissappointment?  Your searh is over: Rella's offers MOTIVES Custom Blend Foundation which combines liquid mineral foundation with pure pigments & skin enhancing ingredients to create your perfect foundation match.  Discover cutting-edge styles, vivid colors & a wide variety of makeup choices to revel the beautiful look you are seeking. . . .choose from a one-on-one consultation of gather up your family & friends for a "Beauty Party" & earn FREE cosmetics!
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Wedding Coordination Services

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